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Three brothers. One company.  Top quality.

Founded in 1998 by the three Field brothers, FieldCo is a Toronto-based firm providing high-quality custom web applications, design and hosting. We’re a company you can rely on.

Our customers range from small- and medium-sized local businesses to large enterprises throughout North America. The team is led by Mike Field, a former PhD candidate in language engineering with an obsession for detail. No job is too big or too small. It’s you we care about.

When you hire us for our web design or programming services, you'll receive a very personal experience and will liaise for the most part solely with Mike.  He'll lead you through the project from the beginning to the end.  If your project demands a tight deadline, Mike can call upon members of a skilled team of graphics designers and programmers he's put together over the years to help meet your requirements and deliver them on time.  Guaranteed.

In case you're hesitating, here are four reasons FieldCo is great at web design and application programming:

  1. Our programmers have years of experience writing code for large enterprises, including banks, brokerage firms and other websites that receive over a million hits per day. 
  2. Our graphics designers have diplomas from accredited art schools.
  3. Our creative directors are artists.
  4. Our copywriters have published scientific articles in academic journals.

As soon as we created FieldCo back in the 90's, we immediately partnered with one of the leading internet service providers in North America - Verio - to provide the foundation for our hosting services.  Over ten years later, we're still able to offer rock solid hosting solutions for small- and medium-sized businesses on North America's second largest communications network.  Whether you're looking for simple email hosting, a starter website or a fully managed private server for your web application, FieldCo offers excellent web hosting solutions at a competitive price.  Best of all, if you ever need to get in touch with us, you get a direct line to one of our support staff members.  Choosing FieldCo to host your website is just a wise thing to do.  We'll make you feel like our family is taking care of you.

And if you're interested, read this short article to find out what our logo means.