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Helping the Stars of the World:
Web Design Solutions for Nonprofits

Two StarsFieldCo provides online web solutions that can help nonprofit organizations get the most out of their time, money, and personnel. The FieldCo Nonprofit Web Design Program offers an ideal way to make our services more affordable. Whether an organization wants to deliver services, spread its message, or raise funds, FieldCo has a design team that is up to the task.

FieldCo Nonprofit Web Design Program

Nonprofits enjoy a 15% discount on all design services and add-ons.  We focus on these aspects when building your site:

  • Making your site donor-friendly
  • Making your site volunteer-friendly
  • Making your site media-friendly
  • Making sure your organization's purpose is immediately apparent
  • Making sure your content takes centre-stage
  • Making sure your site's design is consistent with the rest of your organization's promotional material
  • Establishing the purpose of your website right away on the homepage
  • Including a news section or blog
If You're a Nonprofit, Don't Miss Out on this Offer.
Sign up for the FieldCo Nonprofit Web Design Program by calling 1-877-FIELDCO (343-5326) now.