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Anti-Spam Email Scrubber Service

ScrubberFieldCo has partnered with Omega Network Solutions to offer you the most complete and up-to-date Anti-SPAM and Anti-Virus service available. It is the human touch that sets our Anti-SPAM service above the rest. Spammers and SPAM evolve all the time so our E-Mail experts are constantly working on adjusting the system to combat the newest forms of SPAM.

Our service validates all incoming email addresses before we even accept the email. This ensures that only legitimately addressed email is accepted for Anti-SPAM processing. By stopping SPAM and Viruses in the cloud we dramatically reduce the load on your Internet connection and E-Mail server.

Should you have a problem with your Internet connection or E-Mail server we automatically queue your E-Mail messages for three days. If for some reason you cannot recover your connection or server in this time, we will manually hold your E-Mail. You will not lose a single message!

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